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Bringing together
all sectors in the
maritime industry
across the nation.


Maritime Cluster Networking in Korea (Mac-Net) has begun.

Mac-Net brings together all sectors in the maritime industry across the nation.
So far, it has been more about being individual sector-driven, but from now on it will be all about being cluster-driven,
which ushers us into forming the Mac-Net on November 24th, 2015 representing the whole maritime industries in Korea.

Mac-net proudly presents Korean maritime cluster, walking along a path toward common prosperity with all partners
around the world.


Our Vision

Connecting All to one, One to all, Sailing together
For the sake of common good and balanced co-development,
We work together with each member in a practical level of all the maritime industries in Korea,
Taking a comprehensive and consolidating approach,
So that a variety of sectors from shipping and shipbuilding to finance and to ports may all be evolving into One Body of Innovative Networking.

Our Mission

Power Maritime Nation, Trustful Global Partner
Mac-Net aims to strengthen, sophisticate, and ramp up the competitiveness of maritime industiries in a way we turn our eyes to our endowments unceasingly accumulated for the last decades in Korea, consolidating power of Shipbuilding, Shipping, Marine Technologies, Port capacities, Skilled Crews, Marine Experts and other maritime potentials, as the Bible says, "though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken(Ecclesiastes 4:12)".

Our Values

  • CollaborationCollaboration
  • InitiativePlatform of Networking
  • ChallengeCulture of
  • IntegrityInnovation
  • Co-prosperityBalanced Growth

We are committed to inspiring maritime communities toward balanced growth and culture of co-prosperity by realizing
cross-sector networkings, sharing common values, and bridging private and public sectors each other under the principle of triple helix: business, academia, and public sector.



Mac-Net Introduction Film



Celebrating the commencement of Mac-Net Korea, with Sand-Art



 Mac-Net Introduction (PDF)