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Busan Regional Office of Oceans & Fisheries

Busan Regional Office of Oceans & Fisheries Mac-Net Member

A Key to maritime power nation

As an affiliated organization of the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, it is responsible for controlling all of the Busan Ports including Busan North Port and Busan New Port. Its main business is developing and operating ports, managing marine transport business, supporting fishery management, and preserving the marine environment, as well as establishing and implementing maritime and fishery policies depending on regional policy conditions.

Busan Regional Office of Oceans & Fisheries

Located at the center of the trade route in Northeast Asia, Busan Port has both geographical advantagesand competitiveness in port infrastructure such as mild climate conditions, efficiently established logistics infrastructure, fisheries and vessel repair facilities. Busan Regional Office of Oceans & Fisheries makes every efforts to develop Busan Port in terms of safety, security and prosperity.


  • Maritime Affairs (ISPS, Crew, ISM, SSI, PSC, CIP, FSC, MLC)
  • Port-Mis
  • Fisheries
  • Beacon
  • Port