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KOSHIPA (Korea Offshore & Shipbuilding Association) Mac-Net Member

Leading one out of Korean maritime industries

The Korea shipbuiders' Association (KOSHIPA) was established as a non-profit organization on july 19th, 1977, at a time when the korean shipbuilding industry had just made inroads into the world shipbuilding market. Nine shipbuilding companies, capable of building ships of 5,000 GT and over, are currently members of KOSHIPA.

KOSHIPA (Korea Offshore & Shipbuilding Association)

KOSHIPA works to enhance cooperation among its member companies and to increase their common interests. The principal activities of the KOSHIPA are:

- to increase member companies' common interests and organize various shipbuilding related sub-committees
- to conduct research for the shipbuilding industry, carry out shipbuilding studies, and publish various reports
- to organize member companies' mutual cooperation for upgrading shipbuilding technology and productivity
- to promote international cooperation for the sound development of the world shipbuilding industry

Association (Shipbuilding)