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KRISO (Korea Research Institute of Ships & Ocean Engineering)
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The global center of ocean technology leading the Blue Economy as an advanced research institute

Leading development in the field of ocean engineering since its founding in 1973, the Korea Research Institute of Ships and Ocean Engineering (KRISO) is now beginning a new chapter in its history. As a pioneer in ships and ocean engineering, our institute helped establishing the foundation on which Korea grew to become the world's greatest shipbuilding nation.

KRISO (Korea Research Institute of Ships & Ocean Engineering)

Today, KRISO aims to make a new start as a global leader of ships and ocean engineering, based on its accumulated experience and expertise. KRISO is doing its best so that the institute can make the oceans of Korea a better place.

Research Institute

  • Environment-friendly Ship Technology
  • Offshore Plant Engineering Technology
  • Maritime Traffic Safety/Marine Accident Response Technology
  • Underwater Vehicles and Marine Equipment Technology

Video & Photo

KRISOKorea Research Institute of Ships & Ocean Engineering Promotion Video & Photo
thumb_KRISO01video coverKRISO (Korea Research Institute of Ships & Ocean Engineering)